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1. Where can I stay near Roppolo?

There are 292+ hotels available in Roppolo. Prices start at 42€ per night. More details

2. Can we make photos of the castle?

Yes, the visitors are allowed to make photos but not allowed to use tripods or any flash light, both inside and outside. Professional photographers need to book a special tour in advance contacting our management team at least one week in advance.


3. Can we visit the castle with bag-packs or bags?


No, the visit, for security reasons, cannot accept big bags and a safe space is available in the castle boutique.

4. Are the animals accepted?


Small dogs are accepted only if the owners take them in their arms during all the visit. Big dogs can wait at the boutique level where we can take good care of them if they behave good. We can also provide water to them in case of need.


5. Are we free to visit the castle without a guide?


No, the visits are always guided by professionals for your security and the security of the castle collections.


6. Do the castle have a parking?


Yes, the castle benefit of a large parking just under it’s walls. Unfortunately the parking is not guarded and you may have to climb some stairs before accessing to the fortress.


7. Do the castle have special policy for special handicaps?


Yes, the castle intent to welcome all visitors. Actually, almost all the rooms and installations of the castle are accessible to wheelchairs. Only the underground parts like the wine cellars are un-adapted to physical handicapped visitors. For the handicapped visitors, a free access is granted for those who can show a card with 100% handicap level and the policy allows for them the right of free access for one additional people to assist. A lift can ease visits both to the first and second floor.

8. Directions from Milan


A. What is the fastest way to get from Milan to Roppolo?

The quickest way to get from Milan to Roppolo is to taxi which costs 120€ - 150€ and takes 1h 5m. More details.

B. Can I drive from Milan to Roppolo?

Yes, the driving distance between Milan to Roppolo is 99 km. It takes approximately 1h 5m to drive from Milan to Roppolo. Get driving directions

C. How do I travel from Milan to Roppolo without a car?

The best way to get from Milan to Roppolo without a car is to train which takes 1h 17m and costs 21€ - 35€. More details


Payment Methods
Payment Methods

We accept payments by the following ways:

  • Credit / Debit Cards

  • Cash

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